Fidget Cube - Multicolor Rainbow on Black. Stock in Toronto and Vancouver

Fidget Cube - Multicolor Rainbow on Black. Stock in Toronto and Vancouver

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De-Stress Fidget Cube - Ridiculously Addictive Desk Toy! - is an innovative cognitive tool or fidget toy for anyone who likes to reduce stress, improve concentration, and fidget.

FidgetPro's cubes are made from high-end vinyl that's soft and smooth (unlike 95% of cubes use hard plastic) and finished with oil coating to ensure soothing touches which are very important for reducing stress.

Raving Customer Reviews:

"I'm addicted. The best fidget I've ever owned. Can't... stop..." -- paul.


"My son asked me to order this for him and he loves it. He said it helps him to stay focused. Great invention!" --suzan

"Love it. I am a huge fidget-er and was in need of something to occupy my hands when bored. All sides work as described and is enjoyable to use. Highly recommend if you need something to distract your hands with."


"My son loves it so much. Ordering one for my daughter now!! Great, quick delivery." --AC

"Super fast shipping and top notch product. My wife loves her fidget cube. Can't wait to order more from this seller." --keith

Six sides are specially designed for six different fidget features: Switch, Slide, Pulse, Revolve, Calm, Reel.

  • Re-focus with Switch and switch off stress.
  • Slide--the joystick--lets you dial up attention.
  • Pulse gives full control of three-sounded and two-silent clicker buttons.
  • Revolve allows perpetual circular spins.
  • Calm reminds you to breathe and takes away worries.
  • Reel boosts rolls with gears and ball to gain concentration. 

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